Our Process

We have carefully structured our vocal teaching method to include a curriculum that is tailor made for each unique student, based on ability and goals. In order to provide excellent service to our clients, we offer a vocal subscription memberships!

Voice & Sound’s subscription memberships include:

  • A beautiful student curriculum book and vocal warm-up digital CD to support your learning experience.

  • Reduced monthly cost for vocal training

  • Discounted costs for recording sessions, music workshops and song development in our beautiful Love and Laughter Music Studios.

  • Additional lessons (as an addendum to membership) at discounted rates.

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At Voice & Sound, we believe that everyone has a voice to share. Sharing your singing voice, with excellence, requires steady training, loving support and a knowledgeable staff.

Lisa Arreguin Voice & Sound Fullerton Anaheim Orange County Southern California

Created by artist coach and songwriter Lisa M. Arreguin, Voice & Sound is an exclusive studio at Love & Laughter Studios that provides a safe, professional and comfortable environment for people of all ages. Discover your voice, create your sound, emerge with style, record your music and work on making your dream become a reality.

Lisa’s Story

To prepare for the release of her first album, Timeless, Lisa trained for two years with celebrity vocal coach, Lis Lewis (vocal coach for Rihanna, Britney Spears, Miquel, Courtney Love and others). After touring her album and running a successful publicity and performance tour, Lisa wanted to share what she had learned by teaching other students how to best maximize their voices and musical talent.

As a result, the company Voice & Sound was born. Voice & Sound is dedicated to preparing artists for the real world of music by supporting the creative journey in voice training, songwriting, studio recording, performance and creative understanding.

Lisa is a professional vocal coach, songwriter, studio owner, recording artist and resident psych-shrink holding a master's degree in Psychology from Cal State Los Angeles. She specializes in developing dynamic vocalists in the areas of performance interpretation, style & technique, songwriting, emotional & mental stamina and personal artist development.

In April 2018, Lisa authored the book The Crazybrave Songwriter: A Spiritual Guide to Creative Songwriting. It’s currently available at Livingcrazybrave.com, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and HayHouse.com


Our team of highly qualified vocal coaches are equipped with grand singing chops of their own, solid real-world experiences in the music industry and a heart to teach what they know.

Karis Arreguin, vocal coach and artist development in Anaheim CA. Living Crazybrave. Love and Laughter Music Group

Karis Arreguin

Karis believes that voice is more than just a sound; it is a tool and filter for who we are. By using the Voice & Sound curriculum along with her own experience and style, she has helped her students accomplish opening and broadening vocal range, pitch and tone correction, boosting performance confidence, and helping her students find the uniqueness and individuality in their own voices. As a vocal coach, Karis demonstrates her passion for music and is happy to extend that joy and excitement to her students. Karis is an active vocalist and songwriter. In teaming up with Love & Laughter and RYTMO, she was able to create music that has been aired on national and international TV. Her vocal collaborations are also featured on RYTMO's own compilation album, Moving Up. She is currently singing with Hip-Hop/Reggae band Bright Is My Sun and is working on a solo-project.

Shelly Edwards, vocal coach and artist development in Anaheim CA. Living Crazybrave. Love and Laughter Music Group

Shelly Edwards

Shelly began teaching privately at Coast Band Music and in the Long Beach area. She addresses the individual needs of students such as basic vocal technique, aural skills, and the interpretation of song. It is her goal to help students discover the freedom in healthy singing and maintain the joy of singing. Shelly received a BM of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Cincinnati, CCM and a Masters in Opera Performance from California State University, Long Beach. Performance opportunities have included: soprano lead roles in Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro and The Magic Flute; professional ensemble member of Opera Pacific and The Los Angeles Master Chorale; Soprano Section Leader for First Presbyterian Church of Santa Ana and Recitalist. Her abilities to sing in other genres has led to background singing for a rap artist, gospel singer, and Barry Manilow. 


Our Studios

Love and Laughter Music Studios is a full service, state-of-the-art music studio complex and family-owned collective located in the heart of Anaheim, CA. Established by husband and wife team Joey Arreguin and Lisa M. Arreguin, Love and Laughter Music Group has grown into a cutting-edge super-hub in Orange County, designed to embrace a rapidly changing industry and provide the utmost support, comfort, resources, and creative atmosphere for its clients.


“Singing is healing because it allows the disconnected parts of ourselves to find each other. That’s why when we sing, we feel whole.”