Helpful Tips Before, During and After Your Recording

We look forward to making your recording a fun, exciting and creative experience! Here are some helpful tips to help make your recording session the best it can be:

Before Recording:

  • If you are a singer, musician or both, be sure to prepare in advance by tuning your instrument(s), including changing out your guitar strings or insuring you bring a tuner to your session. If you are using pre-recorded music on a CD, thumb-drive or Karaoke track, be sure to prepare them prior to your session and ensure they are in the correct key for you to sing, since this may save you precious studio time and cost.

  • Another important tip is to type and print at least 2-copies of your lyrics or sheet music. This will allow the engineer to follow along and recommend how to best deliver your music or vocals while recording.

  • For singers, be sure to get plenty of rest, drink lots of water and avoid dairy products or sugar products that may interfere with your singing. Vocalizing and warm up exercises are also recommended before recording.

During Recording:

  • Monitoring: Whether you are singing or playing an instrument, it is important that you hear yourself properly on the headphones. Be sure you can hear your music and vocals, and let the engineer know if you need any adjustments in volume.

  • Punch In/Out: As you are recording, keep singing or playing before or after a certain spot you may want to “punch” in or out. For example, if you are singing a section of the song “All I want is you in my life” and everything sounds great except for the “you in my life” section, the engineer will start the music at the beginning of that phrase, but actually be recording over the part that needs fixing. Be sure you sing at the both the beginning and end of each phrase, so that it sounds seamless.

  • Overdubs: After you have laid down some basic sounds or vocals, you can also go back and layer more instruments or vocals so it sounds bigger. Your engineer will guide you through this process and how to best do overdubs

After Recording:

When you have completed playing or singing your song(s), the engineer will then need some time to do a variety of things to insure you have the best possible recording:

  • Composites: This is when the engineer creates a composite of the best parts and takes of the various versions you played or sang. The composite will now become the final version used on your completed song or vocal.

  • Auto-tune: this is a procedure used by the engineer to correct any parts of an instrument or vocals that may be slightly out of tune. The program allows you to keep a part of the song that had plenty of feeling and emotion, but had some minor pitch problems. Your engineer can assist you if you decide you would like to use Auto-tune on your recording.

  • Mixing: This if the final step of balancing the volumes of both music and vocals. It is also when your engineer will add reverb or effects, make any edits, equalization changes, clean ups and other technical adjustments to your project.

  • Mastering: This if the final phase of your recording where the engineer will adjust the overall volume and equalization of the recording to make it sound good for your CD player or MP3 player. It creates that “broadcast quality” sound used by record labels, film and television companies. At the end of mastering your engineer will give you a final mastered CD with your completed project!

  • Storage & Data: Keep in mind that digitally recorded music is mostly done on computers and hard drives. Due to the excessive amount of data used in a recording, we recommend you back up your project to a personal hard drive. Love & Laughter Studios will only store your data for a maximum of 30-days, unless you intend to return and continue recording or pay an additional $25 for storage space. Otherwise, we will erase your project from our server.

We hope these tips will make your recording a memorable and exciting experience that will keep you making more music as you DREAM, CREATE and RECORD

Lisa Arreguin