Lisa Arreguin The Crazybrave Songwriter

The Crazybrave Songwriter

Knowing firsthand the power of one great song, author Lisa M. Arreguin presents the the book, The Crazybrave Songwriter: A Spiritual Guide to Creative Songwriting. This book helps songwriters find new inspiration, acquire tools to stay creatively healthy, and blow through creative roadblocks. Lisa inspires songwriters to believe in the authenticity of the songs they write; and shares solid song-building techniques to use in the creative process.

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Living Crazybrave

Living Crazybrave is dedicated to the emotional, spiritual, and educational fitness of all creative artists who wish to improve the depth of communication between their art and their daily lives. Here you’ll find e-courses, private coaching, events, workshops, and connection to community collectives designed to support, educate and encourage the artist.


Love and Laughter Music Group

Love and Laughter Music Studios is a full service, state-of-the-art music studio complex and family-owned collective located in the heart of Anaheim, CA. Established by husband and wife team Joey Arreguin and Lisa M. Arreguin, Love and Laughter Music Group has grown into a cutting-edge super-hub in Orange County, designed to embrace a rapidly changing industry and provide the utmost support, comfort, resources, and creative atmosphere for its clients.


RYTMO (Reaching Youth Through Music Opportunities)

RYTMO is a 501(c)3 non-profit after school program designed for youth, ages 14-24. This is a music technology program where students learn music theory, commercial songwriting, digital recording and live audio/engineering. Since 2003, RYTMO has served over 3,500 students in the Southern California region.